Facades make your building exterior look stunning and turn them into engineering marvels. If you are looking for the top facade work contractors in Kerala, Builttech offers world-class façade designs and constructions that convert your buildings into stunning engineering marvels. We offer complete façade construction services, right from designing the right pattern to helping you choose the right material (glass, steel or wood) and delivering quality and perfection to the client’s satisfaction.

Façades serve multiple purposes for buildings. They offer a stunning modern look to the building to start with. Buildings with façades save a significant amount of money on energy and maintenance bills. Many buildings opt for glass façades to protect the structure from direct sunlight, dust and rain. The glass and steel act as an additional layer protecting the structure from the elements. This reduces the heat and cold seeping into the structure. Double glazing glass will also reflect sunlight, further reducing the heat and the reduce the use of coolants. Apart from the modern glass and steel façade, we also undertake traditional and contemporary façade works with natural wood.

Quality is our prime focus along with unique designs and precision fittings. We deal only with brands that deliver international quality materials ensuring your building’s safety and impeccable aesthetics. If you are looking for excellence and quality in metal and glass cladding, Builttech is your right destination with proven record in creating stunning facades and innovative structures.


Most modern engineering marvels get much appreciated for their toughened glass façade work. Builttech undertakes toughened clear glass and glazed glass façade works. No matter how ordinary or boring your building looks now, with our stunning façade designs, we will make it look a marvellous landmark.


We deliver quality ACP Cladding for homes, office buildings, high-rise residential apartments, malls, hospitals and hotels. Whether skyscrapers or individual homes, our uncompromised quality in materials and precision work always ensure safe and stunning buildings, turning your dreams into realties.


Solid metal glazing offers more strength and rigidity to the buildings. Steel is extensively used for staircases and railings in buildings to last longer and stronger. Builttech sources its steel from renowned brands used globally to ensure international quality in the works delivered. Our workshops are equipped with the latest machinery to deliver precision façade works.


Designing the exterior of a building, whether residential or commercial, is a crucial aspect of construction. The façade should offer a unique identity to your building which adds to its visual appeal, protection and value. At Builttech, we always strive to offer exclusive façade designs that makes your building stand out from the concrete clutter with its beauty and sturdiness.


Once the design is approved, we have to choose the right materials used for the project based on the building’s design, locality, nature of business and other details. The façade should ideally be planned along with the construction so that it can be rigid. The climate and building’s structure are important aspects to consider while finalizing the material of the façade. We take extreme care of the safety and security of our workers while they are at work.


We are one of those rare facade consultants in Kerala that also undertake life-long maintenance of the façades that we design and build. Being open to nature’s elements, the façades should be checked and maintained on a timely basis. We have ample experience, expertise and manpower to undertake the maintenance of façade works.