Builttech is a leading construction specialist delivering projects in Kerala, which has also been recognized by Business Deepika Excellence Award 2018.  We have a proven track record in diverse range of sectors from residential to commercial. Our reputation is built not only by the clients we deliver to , but also by the perfect harmony of our employees and the relation with our suppliers .

We specialize in undertaking high-end residential projects spanning over 5000 sq. ft. to any larger scale.
For all construction projects we undertake, we are well-equipped to offer the following services:
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We have a standard procedure to perform a detailed requirement analysis before the start of every project. Our qualified engineers will meet the client and take down the complete requirements of the project under consideration.

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We have an in-house panel of top architects who can come up with world-class designs that are unique, aesthetic and functional for your residential, commercial and retail projects. We also have tie-ups with leading architects across the country who can help with your design requirements. We are flexible enough to associate with your choice of architect for your dream project. Finalizing the design may take multiple sittings or discussions and we encourage personal involvement. We can also communicate over Skype or WhatsApp as required.

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One of the most critical aspects of construction projects is getting the statutory compliances completed. At Builttech, we understand the difficulties faced by individuals, especially those residing outside Kerala & the NRIs, in getting the compliance aspect completed on time. We have an expert team exclusively working on statutory compliances for every project we undertake. They take complete responsibility and ensure that all statutory compliances including any licenses and registrations are completed on time on behalf of our clients.

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We provide you with the detailed costing including material specification. We take into consideration the client’s budget as well as brand preferences while also suggesting proven brands from our industry experience. Once the costing is approved, we start the work.

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We undertake complete construction works for homes, offices, skyscrapers, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, resorts, schools, convention halls, auditoriums, public utility buildings, theme parks and more on a large scale. We are specialized in turnkey projects, offering complete 360-degree solutions.

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If you don’t have a suitable land for your dream project, we can help you acquire the legal title to the right land as per your specifics. We have tie-ups with top real-estate agents across the country. Our team will conduct a personal visit to inspect the location and get the title documents vetted by a legal expert. Once approved, we will undertake all steps necessary to get the land registered in our client’s name without any hassles.

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Once the design is approved, we will offer you its comprehensive 3D visualization. The specifics regarding the measurements, materials and colours can be visualized at this stage. This will become the foundation of the civil and structural construction.

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Once the statutory compliances are dealt with, the project plan is prepared based on which the rest of the work is charted out. The detailed plan is shared with the client and once approved, we will start our works with qualified and experienced engineers taking over the project.

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Being one of the top construction companies in Kerala, Builttech is equipped with the latest machinery for excavation and piling at the client’s site. Based on the landscape and project specifics, the right machinery and equipment are arranged along with the right expertise who are experienced in similar projects to ensure a smoother run.

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We take complete care in ensuring on-time completion as per the clients’ requirements. Every project is special and handing them over is an auspicious occasion. We look forward to more happy clients as we commission and hand over our completed projects.