Annealed or Toughened Glass, Which is more safer?

Looking back to an incident happened in Kerala few days back a women bleed to death after slamming her head into a banks glass door and impaling herself onto the shredded glass. This incident has happened due to the usage of annealed glass in Kerala which has ended up in taking someones life .We never […]

NRI Home Financing Options

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allows Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to purchase any residential or commercial property in India, without seeking any special permission from the country’s central banking institution. NRIs are not even required to communicate or inform the RBI about the same. Under the Income Tax laws and current general permissions, NRIs can […]

Avail home loans at rates as low as 8%!

We at BuiltTech wish to share this good news! It is the first time in more than 15 years that home loan interest rates have fallen below 8%. The State Bank of India is offering home loans at 7.95% interest rate (floating), effective from January 1, 2020. Earlier, in 2003, the home loan interest rates were given […]

Modern Interior Design for Homes and Residential Spaces

We are by the sheer fact of our existence, caught in the contemporary and its creations—from our relaxation to transportation, and our interior decoration. Our homes have been transformed by new and improved materials that bestow new forms, shapes and colours upon us. The contemporary gathers all the developments until now and transforms them for the […]

Five materials that give your modern homes an earthen touch

Your dream home has to be exclusive. Many people dream of earthen homes but in an urban backdrop, this often becomes a challenge, considering the space constraints of flats in Kochi and the need to conform to the society or locality norms. But how about adding a few natural elements to your modern homes to […]

5 Ways to Cut Cost in Style

Everyone wants to decorate their dream home but often tend to get concerned about the budget. Don’t worry we can design your home the way you want even if you are on a low budget. Whether you are renovating your home entirely or upgrading a small part of its exterior/interior, it is crucial to remain […]