5 Ways to Cut Cost in Style

Everyone wants to decorate their dream home but often tend to get concerned about the budget. Don’t worry we can design your home the way you want even if you are on a low budget. Whether you are renovating your home entirely or upgrading a small part of its exterior/interior, it is crucial to remain realistic while budgeting. Providing one of the best house maintenance services in Kerala, we have some interesting observations and suggestions that can help you cut the cost in style. If you are not careful, home renovation can be one of the most expensive projects you can encounter. Here are some interesting ways to cut the cost of your renovation project in style:

A home renovation is likely to become one of the most expensive home projects you’ll ever undertake, with many people running over their original budget. There are ways, however, to avoid overspending unnecessarily, with careful planning and know-how.

Cut the walls

Adding walls can cost you more, so if the space is too open and plain for your tastes, consider using furniture, flooring, rugs or screens to define different areas. Reducing the number of walls and replacing them with glass windows or other types of partitions can give your home a completely new look. Sometimes moving a single wall is sufficient to create a more open feel. Open rooms are also gaining popularity among the urban crowd. Maybe a shelf here or a curtain there would help maintain the quintessential privacy.

Natural lighting

One of the most uncomplicated, affordable and beautiful elements that many forget about is natural lighting. Sunlight can breathe life into any room. It adds colour to your furnishings and wall decor and it makes you rejuvenated and inspired. Whether you use windows or huge glass panels, take light from solar tubes extended into dark bathrooms or closets, natural lighting can have an impact like no other throughout your home.

Cross ventilation

If you are on a budget, replace your concrete wall with sliding glass doors. It will improve the ambience of your room. When open, it will fill your house with fresh vibes and air. If there is a greenery outside then it will be an icing on the cake. Of course, with strong defensive walls and exterior gate, this amazing change will bring in huge freshness. It will also fashionably connect the interior to the exterior of the home.

No false ceiling

Construction of a ceiling panel normally results in a reduction of the height of ceilings from 12 feet to 10 feet or less. With a false ceiling panel, this height reduces further. It is brought within touching distance. Therefore, it results in a more closed area with less space for ventilation. Avoiding false ceilings can not only reduce costs but also improve air circulation. Houses with high ceilings are considered more comfortable in all types of weather as the large space allows better air circulation.

Minimal furnishing

Gone are the days, when houses were filled with decorative items and furnishings. Nowadays, minimal lifestyle is in trend. Therefore, minimal furnishing can make your house look modern and save you a lot of money. As we provide the best property management services in Kerala, we would suggest for furniture that occupies less area but offers good storage space.

We hope these 5 hacks help you to cut your cost and increase your style.

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